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Dr. Daniel Cheng, DDS provides quality general dental and specialized services in the San Gabriel Valley. His specialized services include TMJ/TMD pain therapy, cosmetic dentistry, implants, and full mouth reconstruction.



Dr. Cheng believes in functional esthetics: form follows function. Our office doesn’t just do anything for the white-look. We make beautiful teeth that are also functional!  Teeth are essential to our bodies and health - they are meant for chewing and helping you enjoy food, in addition to aiding in speech, and giving you a bright smile. We believe in three core values:

Quality Care

We are committed to providing the best quality and comprehensive dental care in a friendly, comfortable environment. Quality dentistry requires complete attention and focus, and we are here to make sure your care and needs are our priority. With advanced training and technique, our goal is to provide our patients with a personalized dental experience that is predictable, functional and esthetically pleasing.


Healthy teeth starts with routine checkups and professional teeth cleanings. We place emphasis on total preventive care, and emphasize proper education for oral hygiene techniques to help ensure your teeth and gums stay as healthy as possible. Many dental diseases can be easily treated when detected early. We customize dental checkup and professional teeth cleaning plans based on each individual's needs.  

Modern Technology

Our office is completely computerized and equipped with the latest technology in dentistry. We use digital x-ray sensors to reduce the amount of radiation from dental x-rays compared to traditional film x-ray systems. We have a 3D CT x-ray system, panoramic x-ray machine, intraoral cameras and dental laser to further aid in our diagnoses and treatment. Only the most trusted dental materials are used for your dental care. 

Achieving Functional Esthetics

To achieve functional esthetics, Dr. Cheng will go the extra length to make sure any restorative treatment workup will be as natural fitting while looking as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Dr. Cheng works closely with talented lab technicians to ensure the shade and outcome of restorative work will meet the patient's goals. Dr. Cheng uses an articulator as well as a facebow to mount all restorative cases. An articulator is a mechanical device which stone models (casts) of the both upper and lower teeth are fixed, reproducing the patient's existing positions of the mandible (lower jaw with teeth) in relation to the maxilla (upper jaw with teeth). A facebow transfers the relationship of maxillary arch and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) to the casts and aids in the mounting of the maxillary cast on the articulator. With the use of an articulator, many of the patient's jaw movement can be mimicked to assist in the fabrication of removable prosthodontic appliances (dentures), fixed prosthodontic restorations (crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays) and orthodontic appliances.

One of Dr. Cheng's many articulators

One of Dr. Cheng's many articulators